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"I wanted to learn to sew.  I had taken Home Ec in high school... a few years ago...ok more like 20 years ago.  I was at the point in my life that I was ready to bring it back into my life.  I started with a class. I took a beginning Quilting class in 2008, while pregnant with my second child, first daughter which made me think......I have to make her a quilt.  That is the first think that comes to mind.  Well, fast forward about 6 years, moving to Wishek ND and opening my own shop.  Its amazing!  I love what I do. I finally found something I am passionate about, can be creative with, have a flexible schedule, and enjoy teaching others.  

Hearing the stories behind "quilts" is one of my favorite parts of it.  With a background in creative business, and a BA in Marketing & Sales I thought it would make a good fit.  On a typical day you will find me sewing, doing machine embroidery, and of course Long Arm Quilting on my Gammill Statler at the shop.  

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 6 S. Centennial St. Wishek ND 58495


Mon-Tues 12-5pm

Wed - 10-3pm

Thurs- 10-2pm

Friday- 9-5pm