Meet our newest Intern/Co-op. Student

Hi! Im Reagen Gross and I am currently a senior in HS at Wishek Public School. I started sewing around 11-12 years old. I learned how to sew at one of Kari's first class here at Rumpelquiltskin. Before that I didn't know how to sew at all, but after that first class I knew I'd be doing it for a long time. Since then I have made many things. As I got more comfortable with sewing, I decided to make a quilt! It was a very fun and time consuming experiment. I entered the quilt I got in 4h and received Grand Champion. Now that I am a Senior I have the option to take Co-op, which allows you to work one school hour at a local business in town. I enjoy sewing and could help out with projects!

What I want to achieve while working here is to make fun sewing kits for people of all ages. I think that bit is very important to know how to sew, so making kits would be easy. Just working at a place I enjoy is fun and knowing that what I am doing is a big help to Kari. Now that the school year is starting I will be pretty busy. I play Volleyball, Basketball, and run track, so having this opportunity to help at the quilt shop will be something different and fun.

After HS my plan right now is to become a dental hygienist.

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